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Acumatica is a complete Cloud ERP solution for all your business management needs, including accounting, inventory management, CRM and more. Acumatica ERP delivers adaptable cloud and mobile technology with a unique all-inclusive user licensing model, enabling a complete, real time view of your business anytime, anywhere.
Xtramile Soft have dedicated team holding certifications from Acumatica in various modules. We are well equipped to provide the following services for companies using Acumatica ERP.

System Administration

Acumatica is a cloud-based ERP system implemented by many big organizations across the globe. We help any Acumatica tenant to implement their business process quickly. We are technically and functionally very strong and can help you on:
▢ Installing the Acumatica ERP Configuration wizard.
▢ Deploying the Acumatica ERP application instances.
▢ Configuring the backend database for Acumatica.
▢ Enabling and disabling the features of an Acumatica ERP application instance.
▢ Publishing customizations.
▢ Creating and importing/exporting the snapshots.
▢ Creating the users and linking entities.
Assigning the access rights to the roles and roles to users.
Setting organization wide password policy options.

Business Logic Customization

We can change the user interface and business logic of Acumatica ERP, as well as build custom application modules that can be added to the system.
We can deliver end-user customization that might be very specific to each particular customer.
We can develop vertical solutions and add-ons to the core functionality of the system.
We can build cloud ERP products based on high-level application objects of Acumatica ERP and the underlying Acumatica Framework Technology. This type of customization may involve intensive changes at all levels of system: modifications of business logic and UI, development of custom modules and report building.

Data Import/Export

To upload data to and from Acumatica ERP, we can create import scenarios and export scenarios, which define data import and data export instructions for the system. An import or export scenario is a sequence of actions to be executed for a data record as if the record is being manipulated by user through an Acumatica ERP form. When you enter data into the system manually, you perform a sequence of actions. You open the needed data entry form and start entering data. To add a new record, you use the UI elements one by one—that is, you type text, select values from combo boxes, clear or select check boxes, and click buttons. In the corresponding scenario, we compose exactly the same sequence of actions— specify a command for each user action on the form. Because you cannot perform multiple actions simultaneously on the form, the scenario executes commands successively. To construct the scenario, we reflect the actions you make on the form in the sequence of commands for the scenario.

Dashboards and Generic Inquiries

We can create dashboards that display information from various sources, including Acumatica ERP inquiry and processing forms, wiki articles, announcements, and event calendars. If the source is an Acumatica ERP form, its data can be displayed in various types of charts and tables, with the data filtered according to selection criteria. From the dashboard, you can click any widget to explore the information further.

Historical Data Maintenance

When you move into Acumatica, it is very important to maintain historical data related to legacy system. We have experience in loading the historical data into Acumatica and make available to see in the inquiry screens. We can build processes to load the historical data to the separate database objects and make the data without losing the original format available to you any time.

Report Services

When the standard Acumatica reports do not include needed data or when their layouts do not meet your needs, we can customize the report or design a new one using Acumatica Report Designer. We can:
Create, configure, and publish reports
Use sub-reports
Create tabular reports
Translate reports
Define Excel export settings

Our report development includes reports like AP/AR Open Documents, Request for Information Q/A, Conditional & Unconditional Lien Waivers, Pro Forma Invoices, Billing Summary, Sub-Contract Audit, Project Work In Progress etc.

Mobile App Configuration

The interface of the Acumatica mobile app on Android devices is highly intuitive and is an out-of-the-box solution that empowers your employees to access Acumatica ERP from mobile devices to enter and submit their expenses and manage their work documents. The Acumatica mobile app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices and provides the following
key features:
Real-time access
Automatic synchronization
Mobile device integration
Once you have signed in, you can easily change the company and branch, to be able to enter and post the documents to the correct destination. If you need to, you may create multiple accounts in your mobile app, so that you don’t have to type the sign-in information each time you need to change the account. If you need, we can easily extend the functionality by adding reports and dashboards to your Acumatica mobile app so that you can keep track of your data on the go.

Our Certifications

  • It has been a pleasure working with you and your team over the past several years. Xtramile Soft is an apt name for your company because you indeed seem to go the “extra mile” in order to ensure our needs are met whether for report creation, script writing and execution, or for data extraction and analysis. Response to our requests have always been handled in a timely manner.

    Jeffrey Cosgrove, Financial Systems Manager,
    Contrack Watts, Inc.,
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    Jeffrey Cosgrove at Contrack Watts, Inc.
  • We engaged Xtramile Software for writing Jasper reports in our CMIC system and I was impressed by their work. Vivek and his team have been very professional and knowledgeable in terms of their understanding of CMIC system and Jasper reports. They communicated well and delivered the reports on time. I highly recommend Xtramile to any organization looking for additional help with CMIC related services.

    Aravind Chabbi, LinkedIn, Pepper Construction.

    Aravind Chabbi from Pepper Construction
  • We initially approached Xtramile Soft LLC to assist us with developing some of our custom reports using Jasper for CMiC. Since then they have helped us with Tableau dashboards for CMiC and several custom reports. We are pleased with the way XtraMile Soft approached our requirements and have carried the work diligently and in a timely manner. They offer Programming support for CMiC and other tools for developing custom applications, reports and Business Intelligent dashboards. Our Business users and us are extremely pleased with their overall performance. We would be happy to recommend anyone else to XtraMile Soft

    Rama Doshi, LinkedIn, SphereNY.

  • Vivek and his company have worked with me on several projects related to system changes in our supply chain. He is definitely an expert when it comes to our systems. His company Xtramile is currently working with me on a project and I have no doubt that it will be successful.
    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

    Joseph Castain, LinkedIn, SABIC-IP AMERICAS.

    Joseph Castain
  • Worked with Vivek on several IT projects and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his work. He takes the time to understand the functional requirements and works tirelessly to implement them. He is hard-working and dependable.
    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

    Darin Griffin, LinkedIn, SABIC-IP AMERICAS.

    Darin Griffin
  • I’ve been working with Venkat for almost 5 years, my experience is extremely good, he is an excellent professional who is always willing to help. I would like to recommend Venkat for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.
    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

    Shannon McGuigan, LinkedIn, SABIC-IP South America..

    Shannon McGuigan