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Our teams at Xtramile Soft use their combined several decades’ worth of industry-specific technical knowledge to provide a level of technical support unmatched in the construction and real estate industries.

We have provided support to Fortune 500 companies and a broad variety of others in the aid of supply chain technology, manufacturing processes, R12 implementation support and development and much more.

Xtramile Soft is an experienced and trusted provider of on demand, CMiC custom solutions.

We provide fast, high-quality services to support our customers’ unique endeavors. Among our areas of expertise in CMiC ERP systems are the following:

  • XtraVision – A Construction KPI monitoring dashboard tool
  • CMiC Integrated Dashboards
    This is a dashboard approach developed to synergize with our technical team’s mobility project to be a part of your CMiC as a downloadable app on your tablet or phone. This mobile-ready technology enables you to access information in real-time and on the go on your mobile device. You can add all of your reports to this technology. Contact us to schedule a trial run.

  • On demand Jasper/Tableau Report development
  • A system used to generate reports on a vast array of data fields including job costs, revenue reports, change orders, project summaries, payroll summaries, and much more.

    Job Costing Earned Revenue Over Time

    This report is used to check Contract amount, Projected Cost and Gross margin for a particular period and also displays Earned Revenue for each period in a year based on provided report parameters, data is displayed for each department of the provided Job.

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    Employee 401K Discrepancy Report

    This report is used to check discrepancy between 40CU and 401P amount by Employee in that particular year and period, can also check this information based on Pay run code(Yearly/Semi/Quarterly/Monthly/Weekly).

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    401K EE Deduction/Loan Report

    This report helps to see benefits and deductions information by each Employee for a particular year and period, can easily check Employee deferral, Employer Match, Roth Deferral and Loan Payment information.

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    Commitment Detail Report

    This report displays all the commitment related information in detail for each project, you can check amount paid for each vendor and also invoiced amount for each vendor details by each commitment.

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    Modification Log

    This report is used to check Original contract value and changes made by Owner information and also the cost of value for that project based on the date provided.

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    Potential Change Order Log

    This report display all change orders both posted and unposted, also differntiates based on the approval status and also this can be checked whether the changes has been made by Owner/Client.

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    Project Summary Report by Company

    This report displays list of all project based on company, you can see project information like original contract, revised contract, CO's,CTD, BTD,PTD etc.,

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    Payroll Summary Report by GL Accounts

    This reports consolidates all the payroll information and display data by each GL account code and also can further drill down to display data based on employee, Job and cost code.

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    Monthly WIP Report

    The current WIP reports from CMIC only contain one months of information. We have designed a new report that extracts data from 2 consecutive months and provides additional columns to show the differences between these 2 months.

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    Monthly Gross Margin

    This report displays the Gross Margin and Gross Margin % columns grouped together by month for a maximum of 24 periods and exclude records where revenue is equal to 0.

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    Holds and Allowances Tracking Log

    We have created new jasper report to show Holds and Allowances for each project, we can also display the PCI draw, Orginal Hold/Allowance amount by each Phase and Category.

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    Daily Journal - Vendor Hourly Report

    This report helps to display the Total Man Days , Total Hours and Average Man Days for each project and also we are diaplaying Foremen/Journeymen/Laborer/Women Hours.

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

    AP Apply to SC Report

    This report is used to calculate the total posted invoices from AP and the billed value from the subcontract and we compare both and displays the posted AP unapplied to Subcontract and we also display all OPEN jobs within Department selected. User can also check Image manager pending AP amount and we give user ability to display only those contracts where OVER/UNDER is negative value.

    Contact for Sample Report and Pricing Details

  • Fully integrated Mobile CRM
  • CMiC issue resolution
  • Customizing modules for job initiation and other operations.
  • ADF Screens Development
  • Developing Custom Modules
  • Job Initiation Module
  • CMiC Integration with Third Party Software
  • Developing Business Logic Triggers (BLT)
  • Mobile Apps to CMiC

And much more. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and find out how we can help you.

Whether our clients are going through installation, configuration of the system, developing their network infrastructure or facing operational issues, Xtramile Soft ensures smooth integration of CMiC technology into your processes and systems.

Our customized reporting procedures and intricate attention to detail enable you and your management teams to make sound decisions quickly by incorporating CMiC into your operative functionality.

Xtramile Soft’s dedicated team of CMiC experts is responsive, accurate, and easy to access and reasonably priced.

When you need a quick response to a technical issue or long term support to compliment your IT staff, Xtramile Soft is the go to company you can rely on to get it right.

Our work is guaranteed and we stand behind our commitment to our clients to consistently deliver outstanding results. Let us demonstrate what we can do for you as a company.

  • It has been a pleasure working with you and your team over the past several years. Xtramile Soft is an apt name for your company because you indeed seem to go the “extra mile” in order to ensure our needs are met whether for report creation, script writing and execution, or for data extraction and analysis. Response to our requests have always been handled in a timely manner.

    Jeffrey Cosgrove, Financial Systems Manager,
    Contrack Watts, Inc.,
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    Jeffrey Cosgrove at Contrack Watts, Inc.
  • We engaged Xtramile Software for writing Jasper reports in our CMIC system and I was impressed by their work. Vivek and his team have been very professional and knowledgeable in terms of their understanding of CMIC system and Jasper reports. They communicated well and delivered the reports on time. I highly recommend Xtramile to any organization looking for additional help with CMIC related services.

    Aravind Chabbi, LinkedIn, Pepper Construction.

    Aravind Chabbi from Pepper Construction
  • We initially approached Xtramile Soft LLC to assist us with developing some of our custom reports using Jasper for CMiC. Since then they have helped us with Tableau dashboards for CMiC and several custom reports. We are pleased with the way XtraMile Soft approached our requirements and have carried the work diligently and in a timely manner. They offer Programming support for CMiC and other tools for developing custom applications, reports and Business Intelligent dashboards. Our Business users and us are extremely pleased with their overall performance. We would be happy to recommend anyone else to XtraMile Soft

    Rama Doshi, LinkedIn, SphereNY.

  • Vivek and his company have worked with me on several projects related to system changes in our supply chain. He is definitely an expert when it comes to our systems. His company Xtramile is currently working with me on a project and I have no doubt that it will be successful.
    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

    Joseph Castain, LinkedIn, SABIC-IP AMERICAS.

    Joseph Castain
  • Worked with Vivek on several IT projects and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his work. He takes the time to understand the functional requirements and works tirelessly to implement them. He is hard-working and dependable.
    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

    Darin Griffin, LinkedIn, SABIC-IP AMERICAS.

    Darin Griffin
  • Shannon McGuigan