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mobile application services

At XTRAMILE SOFT we push the boundaries of technology delivery with our enterprise mobile application services and development platforms. The explosion of digital content and the emergence of social media and marketing require immediate access to information with speed of light connections. Information must be omnipresent today. We connect you to the right information, with the right solution, at the right time.

At XTRAMILE SOFT we believe there is no one size fit all solution for our clients. We specialize in Proprietary Mobile Applications such as ApproveIt, CRM Mobile Apps and Superintendent Mobile Apps for CMiC integration.

XTRAMILE SOFT significantly reduces development cost across various mobile applications. We leverage offshore cost, scalability advantages and offer high quality mobile application services that are custom to meet your needs. Need to improve workflow, customer ordering and other major concerns like production with ease of use? Our support includes:
⇰ Synchronization with your Enterprise Database SQL / Oracle.
⇰ SQL Mobile and Oracle Lite Support.
⇰ Integration with Enterprise Database using JSON/XML.

” The mobile industry is going through an intensive progressive phase. Spurred by growth of next-generation technology, the evolution of the entire industry has and will continue to be exponential. Furthermore, today’s sophisticated users are demanding mobile applications with more processing power, flexibility, reliability, security and integration with other applications. We can help them do it better.”

Vivek Vemunoori, President, Xtramile Soft LLC.

  • It has been a pleasure working with you and your team over the past several years. Xtramile Soft is an apt name for your company because you indeed seem to go the “extra mile” in order to ensure our needs are met whether for report creation, script writing and execution, or for data extraction and analysis. Response to our requests have always been handled in a timely manner.

    Jeffrey Cosgrove, Financial Systems Manager,
    Contrack Watts, Inc.,
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    Jeffrey Cosgrove at Contrack Watts, Inc.
  • We engaged Xtramile Software for writing Jasper reports in our CMIC system and I was impressed by their work. Vivek and his team have been very professional and knowledgeable in terms of their understanding of CMIC system and Jasper reports. They communicated well and delivered the reports on time. I highly recommend Xtramile to any organization looking for additional help with CMIC related services.

    Aravind Chabbi, LinkedIn, Pepper Construction.

    Aravind Chabbi from Pepper Construction
  • We initially approached Xtramile Soft LLC to assist us with developing some of our custom reports using Jasper for CMiC. Since then they have helped us with Tableau dashboards for CMiC and several custom reports. We are pleased with the way XtraMile Soft approached our requirements and have carried the work diligently and in a timely manner. They offer Programming support for CMiC and other tools for developing custom applications, reports and Business Intelligent dashboards. Our Business users and us are extremely pleased with their overall performance. We would be happy to recommend anyone else to XtraMile Soft

    Rama Doshi, LinkedIn, SphereNY.

  • Vivek and his company have worked with me on several projects related to system changes in our supply chain. He is definitely an expert when it comes to our systems. His company Xtramile is currently working with me on a project and I have no doubt that it will be successful.
    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

    Joseph Castain, LinkedIn, SABIC-IP AMERICAS.

    Joseph Castain
  • Worked with Vivek on several IT projects and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his work. He takes the time to understand the functional requirements and works tirelessly to implement them. He is hard-working and dependable.
    Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.

    Darin Griffin, LinkedIn, SABIC-IP AMERICAS.

    Darin Griffin
  • I’ve been working with Venkat for almost 5 years, my experience is extremely good, he is an excellent professional who is always willing to help. I would like to recommend Venkat for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.
    Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.

    Shannon McGuigan, LinkedIn, SABIC-IP South America..

    Shannon McGuigan